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About US

About Us

At DAKA Technology&Automation, we are passionate about engineering innovation and cutting-edge technology. Established with a vision to transform industries through customized solutions, we specialize in the design and development of:

Engineering Solutions: Our team of experienced engineers is dedicated to solving complex challenges across various industries. We thrive on turning ideas into reality, from concept to execution, delivering innovative solutions that optimize processes and drive efficiency.

Special Machinery: We design and manufacture specialized machinery tailored to the unique requirements of our clients. Whether it's automating manufacturing processes, enhancing production capabilities, or achieving precision in operations, our machinery solutions are engineered for excellence.

Image Processing Systems: Harnessing the power of advanced image processing technology, we create systems that provide insights, streamline operations, and enable data-driven decision-making. Our image processing solutions are at the forefront of modern industry requirements.

At the core of our company lies a commitment to excellence, integrity, and customer satisfaction. Our mission is to empower businesses with cutting-edge technology, enabling them to thrive in a rapidly evolving world. We believe in:

  • Innovation: We constantly explore new frontiers and embrace emerging technologies to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Quality: Precision and reliability are ingrained in everything we do.
  • Collaboration: We work closely with our clients, understanding their needs and delivering tailored solutions.
  • Sustainability: Our solutions are designed with environmental responsibility in mind, contributing to a sustainable future.

We're excited to learn more about your unique challenges and explore how our engineering solutions, special machinery, and image processing systems can elevate your business.

Join us on our journey to redefine possibilities and drive innovation. Let's shape the future together.

Our services added Best values

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Client Care

Client care always goes to the top of the list. It goes beyond just taking care of clients & making sure they are happy with your services. It is a genuine caring.

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Using Empathy

This follows up with client care. By having empathy and being able to put yourself in your client’s shoes, you will be able to take client care to the next level.

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Communication Skills

This may sound obvious, but actually, there’s much more to learning how to communicate with a client. First, you must be able to speak openly

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Teaching & Mentoring

The last on the list but one of the most important things you can do – giving back. By taking time to teach newbie devs and even mentoring a couple